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Stuart Rogers' Studios has trained actors and directors for almost two decades with his unique style of instruction, guiding them to artistic freedom and performance excellence. Right now, both current and former students are network and cable television series regulars, act on Broadway and perform in major motion pictures. We are effective for our actors because we recognize that to consistently book jobs you have to be both potent in your craft, and in taking that craft out in the world. Stuart Rogers' Studios reputation is as strong as it is because one of our primary goals is to get you out of acting class, and working in the world.

Best Acting Studio Los Angeles

Limited Acting Classes:
Acting Classes Los Angeles

> The Audition Class

Supercharge your audition in 6 weeks

> Directing

Appropriate for working directors

> Teacher Training

Where new and working teachers refine their skills.


Due to Covid-19 all classes have been moved to an online format. We will return to our studio and restart our scene study program when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we have created some outstanding classes to benefit our studio members in these unprecedented times.


  • Self-Tapes – Even after the lockdown is over, self-taped auditions are here to stay. This is a fully comprehensive class that is individualized, in order to cater to the full-time working actor, actors who are just starting out, and everyone in between. We deal with the technical problems such as lighting, sound, etc. as a means to support the artistic component. Acting for a self-tape isn’t an entirely different process, we simply modify the process to address the specific issues & requirements that self-tapes present. We also pay attention to various problems that can arise in making self-tapes during lockdown!

  • Text Class – We will deep-dive into The Hero’s Journey and story structure. We will not only define, but also put different stories to The Hero’s Journey. The value of this class cannot be stressed enough! It benefits both actors, directors, and writers alike. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH STORY! Everything else we do is dependent on good text analysis skills. Use this unique time to sharpen those skills!

  • Admin Groups - We break classes down to groups of 6 to 8 people. This is not a “one size fits all” class. It isn’t going to be limited to “targeting” and “branding”. The idea is to figure out what is holding you back, and how to create change if needed, so you can deliberately move your career forward in a sustainable (and enjoyable!) way. 

  • Paradigms – How we address an actor’s process is different here than other acting studios. Most studios agree that the best acting comes from having an authentic experience. However, few talk about HOW to make the given circumstances truly live inside of each individual. There are no substitutions, no tricks; we will help you deeply live in the story. And as a result, find a deeper satisfaction in your work. We call our process “paradigms”. This class breaks down our process piece by piece, making sure that you are not only clear about process, but also that it is working for you immediately. 

Acting Instructors:

Best Acting Teacher Los Angeles

One of the things that differentiates Stuart Rogers' Studios from other Los Angeles Acting classes is the quality of our teachers. An acting class is only as good as the teacher who leads it. In addition to having trained as actors extensively, in order to be the best acting teacher Los Angeles has to offer, each teacher must be certified in our methodology and have significant professional résumés.


Best Acting Teacher

Stuart Rogers
Los Angeles Acting Coach, Head Instructor

Profile >


Great Acting Teacher

Michael Silver
Los Angeles Acting Coach, Audition & Foundation Class

Profile >


Best Acting Voice Teacher
Best Acting Teacher

Tyler Seiple

 Accent Teacher

Class info >

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Best Acting Classes Los Angeles

A Word on Acting Classes Los Angeles offers:
The acting classes Los Angeles has to offer are great and varied.  You got your Meisner, Adler, Strasberg, Chekov, Viewpoints, Suzuki, Hagen and then all the hybrid teachers that teach a combination of say: Strasberg and Adler or Meisner and Chekov.  Then you have teachers that have taken our art in their own direction.  Some of these classes are wonderful, taught by gifted, caring and effective teachers and some by hacks.  One of the difficulties in selecting a potent acting class is knowing what to look for.  Here are some questions to ask potential teachers when looking for one on the many Acting Classes Los Angeles offers.


  • What is your professional background as an actor?

  • Where did you study?

  • Can you tell me what methodology you teach?

  • Where did you develop your teaching style?

  • What are you looking for in a student?

  • What is your ratio of working actors (people who make a living as actors)            

  • Will you be my teacher?

  • If not, how do you train your teachers?

  • Do you teach the business of acting as well as the art?


Press the teacher and make sure that you like their answers.  Remember if the teacher can’t stand up to scrutiny, they probably have something to hide!




Our percentage of SAG/AFTRA bookings are

among the highest of any acting school

Los Angeles offers.

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