Foundations Class:
The Acting Class Focused on Critical Fundamentals

Foundations Class's goal is to get you out of the class and into the working world as fast as possible. We quickly and effectively prepare our actors for the challenges that they will face on the set, in the casting office, or rehearsal hall. We hold our actors to the highest standards, which is why our percentage of working actors is among the highest of any acting studio in Los Angeles or New York. (this is an ongoing class)

  • Technique: We teach a cutting edge, imagination based system of acting. The tenants of  our methodology can be found in the teachings of many of the great acting teachers, such as Stanislavsky, Adler, and Meisner to name a few. We recognize that each actors talent is unique, and rather than attempt to fit the student to the technique, we tailor the technique specifically to each student.


  • Audition: Booking jobs takes more than making hot choices. Understanding character and story allows you to be certain, not just in what the scene is about, but what the FUNCTION OF THE CHARACTER IN THE STORY IS. Then you must have the acting technique to have an authentic acting experience, even in the casting office.

  • The business of show business: How do you get an agent? How do you get into casting offices? How do you find out what is being cast now, and who is doing it? In these acting classes, we will address these critical questions and others. This acting class is referred to as the Administration Segment, which teaches administrative skills from the perspective of an actor. Understanding all aspects of show business, or any business, is essential and vitally important to your success as an actor.


When enrolled in this acting class, students can expect to work on scenes and "shoots" from plays and films, participate in mock auditions, as well as do various acting exercises chosen specifically for each individual to exploit each students unique acting abilities. Click here to schedule an interview at our acting school.

Also At Stuart Rogers Studios we dont call our Foundation level acting classes beginners acting classes because our placement of actors has more to do with the problems they are going to encounter in the world, both artistically and professionally. In most beginners acting classes the acting teachers teach a predetermined curriculum, where everyone is taught the same thing regardless of what they know, or what their natural talent is. The whole notion of being a beginner or teaching an acting class for beginners, to a degree, pigeonholes the student. At our studio our teachers never assume they know what the actors talent is or what they should work on as an actor until we understand their strengths and weaknesses as observed in the actors initial interview and through perceiving them in acting classes. What may be basic and clear to one actor may not be basic at all to another, and sometimes even for the most advanced actor what they need to work on are the basics. Nothing can be taken for granted.

Whether you are coming to our acting school with an under-grad degree and MFA or have never acted before in your life, there will be elements in your acting that are naturally very strong and other components to your work that are inherently weaker. What you want is an acting teacher that will keep what is naturally beneficial and help you develop your weaknesses into strengths. If an acting schools curriculum is created by academics who dont know what it takes for you to work in the professional world, than the work you do in that acting studio may be fun or interesting but ultimately useless.

When a student registers for admission to our acting classes we place each actor in either an Foundation class, scene study or the Monday night acting class. Each of the foundation classes is slightly different. As we said before we dont believe in basic beginner acting classes. This is why we have several foundation acting classes some will have more students who have never acted before, while other foundation classes will have many actors who have studied acting in universities and at other acting studios. The key for us is to place you with actors who are working on solving the same problems you are. This way the acting instructor can tailor the curriculum to fit the needs of the students. This also creates fervor in the class when you see the other actors around you begin to achieve success both in acting class and in the professional world. This is why ALL actors who wish to register and go through an admission process at Stuart Rogers studios must have an interview. This way you can get a basic understanding of what acting class you will be registered for and we can get a basic understanding of your needs and be sure we can answer them for each actor. We understand most acting classes in Los Angeles will sign up students without an interview and we ask more of you. Because our acting classes will ask more of you, if you are accepted into our acting school, we will give more to you.

Click here to schedule an interview at our acting school.