Scene Study:
This is not a beginning acting class

Scene Study class is a professional class. This is not a class for actors who are making up their minds as to whether or not they really want to be an actor.

We hold our actors to the highest standards, which is why our percentage of working actors is among the highest of any acting studio in Los Angeles or New York.

Be prepared in our scene study class to do in-depth work, complete with a comprehensive understanding of the text as a whole, research done, and attention to the specific details of character.

The actors who we accept into our scene study class are:


  • Serious about their desire to become the best possible actor they can be.

  • Actors who are looking to improve the state of their career and art.

  • Actors who recognize the value and responsibility that it is to be an artist.

If what you are looking for is a nonchalant approach to acting class where you learn your lines and throw it up for the class, Stuart Rogers Studios wont be the class for you

People are generally accepted into this class through referral and an interview with Stuart Rogers.

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