Screenwriter Links

On Story: Presented by Austin Film Festival
AFF’s half-hour series presents a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process of the country’s most beloved movies and TV shows.


BAFTA's Screenwriters on Screenwriting
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts presents this series of video lectures with some of the world's top screenwriters offering advice and inspiration.


The Black Board
The Official Writing Community of the Black List and Go Into The Story.



The Black List
It began as a survey in 2005 of development execs about their favorite unproduced screenplays and has blossomed into a database for aspiring screenwriters to become discovered.


…By Ken Levine: The World As Seen By a TV Comedy Writer
The blog of Emmy-winning writer Ken Levine, named one of the Best 25 Blogs of 2011 by TIME Magazine.



A national nonprofit dedicated to mentoring screenwriters. They offer an annual fellowship that includes a 12-month mentorship program with Hollywood professionals.
The Web site for Creative Screenwriting, the magazine that interviews filmmakers, the writers and directors, to reveal what went into the creative processes of major motion pictures, art films and TV series.


Emotional Toolbox
Laurie H. Hutzler’s Web site offers lots of free screenwriting information and tools. It lists her seminars and workshops that are open to the public and profiles her consulting work.


Go Into The Story
The official screenwriting blog of the Black List. is a paid service that helps producers easily find a good script, saves time for agents and managers in locating the right people for their clients' scripts, or new clients, and greatly increases exposure for screenwriters.


The International Screenwriters’ Association
An informational resource for screenwriters worldwide and a source for film and TV producers seeking screenwriters.


Jane in Progress
Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Once Upon A Time, Husbands) blogs about writing.
John August (Go, Big Fish) has been blogging about screenwriting since 2003 and hosts the Scriptnotes podcast with Craig Mazin (Hangover 2, Identity Thief).


John Truby’s Screenwriting Take
John Truby has taught his 22-Step Great Screenwriting and Genre classes to over 35,000 students worldwide.


A comprehensive database of screenwriting contests and screenwriting competitions.

The Nerdist Writer’s Panel

An informal chat moderated by Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour, Supah Ninjas, Supernatural) with professional writers about the process and business of writing.


The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

The former Creative Screenwriting editor’s podcast about all things related to screenwriting.


The Random Name Generator

Trying to think up a character name? The random name generator uses data from the U.S. Census to randomly generate male and female names while allowing you to set your obscurity factor from 1 (common) to 99 (totally obscure).


Inside information, articles written by working writers and filmmakers, and in-depth interviews.


Scripts & Scribes
Dozens of interviews with screenwriters, producers, executives, lit agents and managers.


The Scriptwriters Network
An educational, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization created by writers for writers and industry professionals.


TV Writer
An insider's look at TV writing, with how-to sections on everything from structure and characterization to pitching and making contacts.


Virtual Pitchfest 
This paid service helps writers pitch their scripts to industry pros and guarantees a response back.


From working screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, this site reveals some of the secrets of writing and selling scripts.


The Writers’ Room
Hosted by Academy Award-winning writer Jim Rash, this Sundance TV original series features a frank and revealing conversation with TV writers and cast members.


The Writers Store

The Writers Store is recognized as a leading resource for specialized software, books, supplies and reference materials for writers and filmmakers.


Writers Guild Foundation Blog
Analysis, podcasts, interviews, scripts, recipes, and more from the Writers Guild Foundation Web site.